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Performance Coaching

Since 2022, I have been teaching voice and performance lessons to students of all backgrounds; whether it's just for fun, professionally, or because you love karaoke, my teaching style will meet you where you're at.

I come from a pedagogical and anatomical based background, and work with students from all genres, Rock, Emo, Opera, Musical Theatre, you name it, we will get you singing.

In tandem with voice lessons, I also teach performance lessons including: monologue prep, audition prep, book building, website building, filming & editing self-tapes/reels. 

Please contact Zoë at to learn more about lessons.

Student Testimonials

"Zoë has been a wonderful vocal coach for me! They are so knowledgeable about their craft and are great about breaking everything down for me to understand. We always have fun and I feel so much more confident now in my vocal capabilities."

I was very nervous to start voice lessons again after 15 years of not singing, and Zoë has been an incredibly patient and encouraging teacher as I’ve redeveloped my technique and my confidence. I really appreciate their collaborative coaching style, always ready with a wide range of approaches to try for any vocal challenge I’m facing and adjusting based on my feedback until we find what works for me together.

I have been working with Zoe for about a year now and I can not say enough good things about them. I feel comfortable enough to explore as an artist yet I also feel challenged. They are great at understanding and planning around my current needs; they have truly transformed me as an actress and taught me so much about the industry as well. In addition to the acting lessons, they have helped me create a road map for the future. I have worked with other teachers but I think Zoe is the best at creating a safe and creative environment as well as tailoring the lessons based on the individual. I am so appreciative of Zoe’s work ethics, generosity to teach and honesty!

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